2008 Was Great!

  • The Mitchells became a family of four.
  • Brian started his own business- Out South Wine & Spirits.
  • Hotel Mitchell is still going strong - if you don't already know, this means we had family here about once a month, which means we are very loved.
  • Brian continues to have too much work and too little time- a good problem to have.
  • We are all happy and healthy!

We hope everyone enjoyed 2008 as much as we did.

Happy New Year!



We had a great Christmas. My parents were here for the long weekend and had a lot of fun with the boys. Santa was very good to our kids this year. Brice got a tent and sleeping bag from Santa. He loves his new tent, he took all of his presents inside of it to open them.
Brice also received a GeoTrax train set (thank you Sarah for the suggestion), more dinosaurs, rubber snakes, Hot Wheels and so much more. Rogan got toys, teethers, and new clothes. He is getting so big he is outgrowing everything in his closet.

Rogan's favorite gift was his bouncer he received from his Grandma and Grandpa Goldsworthy. He loves it and would stay in it all day if he didn't have to stop and eat every once in a while.
We had a lot of fun over Christmas and we are excited about spending New Year's weekend with Brian's parents. Happy Holidays!


San Antonio

We had a great trip to San Antonio. Rogan's hearing was short and sweet. Our parents were all able to travel down with us and be there for the hearing. We had a great time and we are all thankful for Rogan's adoption going so smoothly from start to finish.

Here are a few pictures from the hearing.

He seems happy to be a Mitchell!


It's Official

We had our court hearing yesterday, Rogan is officially a member of the Mitchell family! We're still in San Antonio and will post more when we get home. We just wanted to share our good news!


Merry Christmas

We're leaving tomorrow for San Antonio to finalize Rogan's adoption. Our hearing is Friday afternoon. We'll be back home for Christmas. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

The Mitchells



The other night Brian dropped me off at the gym and took the boys to go pick up some dinner. They decided to go to Chili's because they'll bring your order out to your car and Brian wouldn't have to drag both kids inside and out into the cold. Brian said a young girl about 16 years old brought our order out to the car. When she got to the car Brice started yelling, "Hi! Hi! Hi!". She of course thought he was too cute and started talking to him so Brice started blowing her kisses. When Brian started to leave Brice started yelling, "Bye! Bye! Bye!". Brian asked him if he was flirting with her and Brice just laughed. Then when Brian asked Brice if he thought that girl was cute, Brice responded, "Oh yeah".

He's only 3, we're in deep trouble.

Our friend

Many of you went to school with Brian and I and we've known you for years. One of our high school friends, Jeremy Phillips, was injured the other day and we know many of you know him too. As a lot of you already know, Jeremy has coached wrestling since before we even graduated high school. He has built a large youth wrestling system in Neosho and has been the head high school coach for a while now.

Apparently, he was cleaning the mats the other day and somehow the chemicals he uses to clean got into his eyes. He has lost sight in one of his eyes and has very little sight in the other. He went to a specialist the other day and said it was discouraging. Jeremy is staying positive and said he will be alright and prays his eyes will heal and his sight return.

We're thinking about Jeremy and keeping him in our prayers. Please do the same for him. He's a friend of ours and he has done a lot for the wrestlers in Neosho.

P.S. Today is Jeremy's birthday, Happy 32nd Jeremy!


We were taking a few pictures this weekend and I asked Brice to let me take his picture. I would have liked one by the fireplace or the Christmas tree, but you take what you can get. He walked over by the front door and sat down on the bench and smiled. It was a little Christmas miracle. He hardly ever cooperates for a picture. I think it turned out pretty well and here's a few others we've taken recently too.


Bass Pro

We took the kids to our Bass Pro this weekend. They have a nice area set up for the kids with trains, coloring tables, Santa's village, etc. It is nothing like the Springfield store, but still fun. We were hoping that Brice would get to see Santa but he was on a break and the line was HUGE! Hopefully, we'll get out there sometime during the week and it will be less busy. Brice had so much fun watching the trains they had set up. He has always liked the fish tanks and the animal displays and we take him out sometimes just to look around. This time though, he picked out a few ATV's. His daddy is going to have to make a lot more money and we're going to have to get a house with a lot of land if he thinks he is ever going to have one of those. He had a good time climbing all over them and pretending to drive.