The other night Brian dropped me off at the gym and took the boys to go pick up some dinner. They decided to go to Chili's because they'll bring your order out to your car and Brian wouldn't have to drag both kids inside and out into the cold. Brian said a young girl about 16 years old brought our order out to the car. When she got to the car Brice started yelling, "Hi! Hi! Hi!". She of course thought he was too cute and started talking to him so Brice started blowing her kisses. When Brian started to leave Brice started yelling, "Bye! Bye! Bye!". Brian asked him if he was flirting with her and Brice just laughed. Then when Brian asked Brice if he thought that girl was cute, Brice responded, "Oh yeah".

He's only 3, we're in deep trouble.

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The Eucedas said...

if she was cute, you at least know he has good taste...hahahaha